Monday, 27 September 2010

Miliband of Brothers

I was far too excited about the Labour Leadership Announcement. Saturday at 3pm you would have seen me (had you been in my house, which I am rather glad you were not) doing a little song and dance about the announcement.

And then the announcement happened. I was glued to the TV (well not literally) and watched it all as it happened. Ed looked like he was going to cry. David looked really happy. The results did not seem to reflect that. As a rsult I was forced to picture Ed and David Milliband doing a version of Poker Face a la Lea Michelle and Indina Mendel in Glee. I don't want to be the only one with that mental image so here is the video. I like to think of David as Indina and Ed as Lea. And by like, I mean am forced to by my subconscious.

At the moment I am choosing to reserve judgement. My brother was planning on throwing himself under a bus if David won, my sister seems gutted that Ed won. I am mostly just waiting to see how it pans out. But quite concerned, I am scared that this whole thing might shake my belief that flawed though it is, the British political system works with the opposition tending to fight the best fights.

We shall see. In other news though (and related to my last post) what I think we need more in british politics is DOOM - particularly if riding a unicorn through a rainbow.


  1. I just searched for 'Milibandana' and no results came up. No pictures of John Rambo with David Miliband on his head. No Teenage Mutant Turtles with Eds on their head. This is a travesty.

    What we need more in British politics is unicorns full stop. You should totally go into politics and promise unicorns for all. Think of the vote potential!

  2. Nothing good for 'Ed on his face' either, what is the Internet coming to?

    Though I suspect that's a Sun headline waiting to happen